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Holiday house “Božac”, rooms “Casa Rustica”, rural tourism, organization of events and celebrations, natural and homemade products


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Guran estate, Holiday Home “Bozac” and rooms “Casa Rustica” are located in Istria, 3 km east of town Vodnjan, on the road to Barban.

Bozac family has been living on this family run rural estate since 1992, that is, since they came up with the idea to restore the old estate. The owner of this family business, Sandra Bozac née Cetina, was born on this estate.

The entire family assiduously works together, enjoying the arrival of each new guest and looking forward to each new encounter with them. All intentional guests or passers-by, as well as all customers of Guranis services, are welcome at Guran estate, in our tourist accommodation, and rural tourism facilities.

We are: Mladen, Sandra, Sandi, Ivana, Mateo, Erik, Ivana, Toni and Nolan.


Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula situated on the north Adriatic Sea. Name Istria originates from the name of the Illyrian tribe of Histri, who lived in the area. The Romans settled in Istria 177 years before Christ. Istria had a rich and turbulent past, which left numerous monuments and buildings. When you come to Istria, you should visit the Brijuni Islands, the amphitheater in Pula, St.Euphrasius basilica in Porec, church. Euphemia in Rovinj and numerous other monuments.

Istria is adorned with rich and unspoiled nature, it is a diverse region where in one day you can visit the mountains, quiet continental parts rich with greenery, vineyards and olive groves, and the beautiful Adriatic coast with countless islands, bays and beaches. Istria lives a life of small villages, busy towns and a mixture of cultures, languages and people.

The climate of Istria is a very pleasant Mediterranean climate that allows each guest to enjoy the beauty and benefits of Istria, regardless of the season. Istrians are well experienced in tourism, as the first organized tourism in Istria dates from Roman times, when Emperor Vespasian built the amphitheater in Pula, for entertainment purposes.

The gastronomic offer of Istria will completely win you over – try local prosciutto, olive oil, pasta, truffles, meat of boskarin (authentic Istrian cattle), fresh fish, shellfish and crabs, memorable wines, liqueurs and brandies. Istria is proud of its authentic cuisine – you will not regret Istrian gastronomic experience.

Vodnjan/Dignano is a town in the southwest of Istria, which in the past was an important urban center. Its history began with the Romans who settled in this area. In the second century BC, the territory of Vodnjan was guarded by a Roman named Attinivs, and Vodnjan was at that time known as VICUS ATTINIANUM – it is believed that the name Adignani, Dignano originates from that first name, but the local population gradually converted that name to Vodnjan-Dignano. The town of Vodnjan had a turbulent history and was ruled by the Histri, Ostrogoths (Barbarians), Byzantium, Venice, briefly Napoleon, Austria …

The center of Vodnjan town has kept its medieval layout with narrow vestibules and alleys that wind irregularly among the houses, with cobbled streets and stone facades, and ancient streets with still recognizable impressive Venetian-Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style, and numerous churches. Vodnjan’s rich history has left behind valuable buildings and monuments – such as Bettica palace, parish Church of St. Blaise with the highest bell tower in Istria, which houses the mummified bodies of saints and relics, elegant Church of Our Carnelian Lady, etc.

Residents of Vodnjan have always been engaged in agriculture, especially olive and wine growing, as well as tourism – the town is even today well known for its excellent wines and olive oil. Every year Vodnjan organizes Days of Young Olive Oil festival, which brings together the olive oil producers from the region. Modern Vodnjan offers numerous activities to its guests: cycling, golf, tennis and sport riding. During the summer months Vodnjan is a host of various attractive festivities, such as the Lavender Festival, Bumbar Fiesta, Leron (International Folk Festival), etc.

Vodnjan is only 9 km from ancient Pula, the largest city in Istria, and in the vicinity of attractive summer destinations such as the National Park Brijuni, Peroj, Barbariga, Fazana. Guests staying in Vodnjan area, who prefer typical summer activities at sea, can go these nearby locations to swim and sunbathe, have fun diving, fishing, playing beach volleyball and engaging in other aquatic and coastal sports and activities. Istrian coast is well known for its beauty and unspoilt nature, so each guest can find a beach and entertainment to his taste.

Building cleaning and maintenance, repairs and installations

As part of our services, we also offer cleaning of villas, holiday houses and apartments, hotels, campsites, swimming pools, garden maintenance, fences, grass mowing, as well as various professional repairs. We also offer the installation of PVC and ALU carpentry and glass fences.

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